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Hi, I'm Buttercup, My birthday is June 14, I am the Mother Hound Dog of our Lovely Adopted Family. I am married to Matthew.


Hi, I'm Matthew I was born September 3rd, I am the papa bear of the adopted family. I am married to Buttercup and I am the school teacher. And a lifeguard in the summer.


Hi, I'm Isabella, My birthday is May 30th. I am married to my wonderful husband Simon. and I love to Garden and I work at the cafe. I hope to be as great as my mother someday.


Hi, My name is Dr. Simon, I am born on January 5th, I am married to my wife Isabella, my parents in law Matthew and Buttercup we live with still. I own my own clinic near the school.


Hi, I am Blair, I am married to my husband Chuck, I love to sing and record music at the Actor's Lounge and I have a regular gig in the party room. My birthday is June 1st.


Hi, I'm Chuck. My birthday is August 26th I am married to my lovely wife Blair, and I own my own hotel. We are still living with my in-laws.


Hi, I am Lily adopted mother of Jenny and best friends with Buttercup. I own my own museum. My birthday is November 16th.


Hi, I am Jenny, my mother is Lily, I work at cash at the General Store. My birthday is June 24th. I am good friends with Buttercup's family.


Hi, I'm Serena, my parents are Buttercup and Matthew. I am married to my lovely husband Dan. My birthday is May 15th. I am a receptionist at the Clinic.


Hi, My name is Dan I am married to my lovely wife Serena, we live with her parents still. I run the camp for kids. Teaching them survival skills and so on. We meet weekly and do things. My birthday is June 4th.

Kendra Erin

Hi, I'm Kendra Erin, My birthday is October 7th, I work at the bank.


Hi, I'm Lea, I was born July 23rd I still live with my parents at the house. I do photography as a hobby and plan to work in that field. And I have a job at the News Room in town.


Hi, I'm Leah, I know we have the same name my sis and I. But spelled differently. I was born July 17th and I love science so mom and dad gave me my own lab.


Hi, My name's Spring, My birthday is March 10th I love swimming and my roommate Naveen is my best hangout.


Hi, I'm Naveen, my Birthday is April 8th, I love to workout at the gym. And still play basketball with the team.


Hi, I'm Betty, I love helping people, and I love to dress up hoping to be a model some day. My birthday is June 17th and I share a room with my younger sister.


Hi, I'm Lucy, I was born October 7th, I work at Marlo's Diner as a waitress, I love it there. Marlo doesn't come much in but he allows me to do some cooking also.


Hi, I'm Anundi, I was born on December 25th and am a huge fan of Christmas. Sometimes I help out Uncle Chuck at the Hotel.


Hi, I'm Sandy like from Grease, my all time favorite show. I go to camp with Uncle Dan. August 3rd. I love to help Lea with her pictures.


Hi, I'm Mallory, I was born July 22nd, I love to go to camp with Uncle Dan, and I love to help Isabella Garden.


Hi, I'm Becky, I was born September 8th, I love to help mom in the kitchen and with the babies. I love my family. I love doing camp with Uncle Dan.


Hi, I'm Katelyn, I was born September 8th. I love playing with my toys and hanging out with daddy.


Hi, I'm Noir, I was born April 16th. I love my family and am very new into the family.

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